What you like best in cosmetics is

It’s very difficult to choose this lipstick glaze from dozens of lipsticks. My favorite colours are red, orange and reddish brown. For the sake of comprehensiveness, a little more everyday is chosen. I’ve also chosen all the counter prices. I think it’s comprehensive. Otherwise, my favorite meeting this month will be all red-brown haha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
The number of self-timer has a little color difference. The color test on the hand is taken by the iphone, and the color difference is relatively low. I also put an uncoated lip color photo in the hope of helping you to choose colors.
Then I’m white. I like the heavier, higher-profile ones.
Two Chanel lip glazes have a slightly powdered hand color, but the upper mouth is not so tender. I usually use them with lipstick. Don’t want the color so heavy, just use Meida – another 106 with flash. In other words, there are many beautiful colours in this series
Two Chanel’s September favorites! The texture is very smooth. 152 is more suitable for spring and summer, 440 can be used all year round. Strongly recommend
Mac lady bug is a moisturizing series, October favorite! Beautiful colour, thin coat and thick coat. Rare Macs with good colours but not good ones. You must buy them.
Maybelline 04M was originally purchased for Chen Weiting. As a result, Maybelline has seen this latest super favorite color. It is recommended. Good looking and cheap! If you like this kind of color, you must buy it.
Dior001 lip honey has been used countless, has been repurchased. This one is colorless, but after any lipstick matching, the lipstick color will change, they are very good-looking! __ The most important thing is to give a new life to dry lipsticks with beautiful colours.
Ysl’s square 01 is a bit rosy red, I only use it for thick coating, because light rosy red will show up, I don’t like it. 09 Lip Glaze is very beautiful, red.
Amani 301 Moisturizing Orange I like orange so much that people must enter
3ce is bought in Hong Kong occasionally through a special counter. Should this be brick red? This is my most common color. But I like all kinds of things. Dumb texture, so a little dry. Everything else is fine.
J.cat208, Dexian, Ali’s cabin, a dirty orange, two aunts. Suitable for autumn and winter. But I’ve tried color, and I don’t know if I’m going to stick my tongue out. The other two are moisturizing. I recently saw this type of color must buy Haha. The reason for this is that the cheaper colours are also good.
This is my lipstick from the last three months. But you know, the love of color has something to do with too many factors of seasonal dressing. But I strongly recommend that I buy another one when it’s overdue. If I fall in love with it someday, I will write so many words carefully for the first time.


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